Student Drop Off - Pick Up


Student Drop Off - Pick Up

Student Drop Off - Pick up

 Bus route information can be found on the District site page under transportation

AM Drop offs

1. Avoid heavy traffic backups by dropping off your child quickly and simultaneously next the walkway in front of the school. Please avoid waiting to drop off your child directly to main walkway if traffic is heavy.

2. Do not drop off students in parking lot or in the back of the building. If you have a handicapped child then notify the school administration for arrangements.

3. Tardy bell is at 8:10 a.m. Please remember that traffic can be fairly heavy at that time. 

4. Please drop off your children on the school side or next to the curb. Avoid having them walking across traffic lanes unsupervised. If traffic is heavy then walk them across the road with you leading them across the road. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

PM Pick-ups

1. Please notify the office no later than 1:30pm if your child is to be picked up by another person or if you are changing the bus he or she is to ride home. We prefer both a note and a phone call. We will need the following information from you on this matter:

a. Name of child

b. Person picking them up. Are they on the pick-up list?

c. Address of the residence your child is going to.

d. Late notifications may not be processed.

2. Please do not block the handicap pick-up area in the front of the building at the end of the day. Also do not park on the curb next to the building. This makes it very difficult for busses and vans to navigate onto the street.

3. Please do not allow your child to walk across the traffic lanes/road unsupervised when they are dismissed.

4. Walkers should use the traffic crosswalks that are on Frank St. /High Street intersection or at the High St. crosswalk across from Belle Aire Place. There are duty teachers assigned to those spots.

5. I realize that there is heavy traffic in the mornings and afternoons at both unloading and pick-up times. As you know, we have limited spaces to accommodate all the vehicles that are on campus at those times. Please follow the above rules to make it an easier, safer process for all involved. Thanks for your cooperation!

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