Ohio Emancipation Legislation


Ohio Emancipation Legislation

Ohio Emancipation Legislation

Ohio’s Legislative History Relative to Civil Rights 1860’s-1880’s

A.) 15th Amendment Legislation

   1.) House Joint Resolution 147: March 25, 1869

         a.) Article XV proposed giving the right to vote to all races

         b.) Resolution adopted 47 to 36, which rejected Article XV

   2.) Governor Hayes Annual Message: January 3, 1870

         a.) Disagrees with General Assembly, calls for ratification of 15th amendment


B.) Segregation

   1.) Adjutant General Annual Report: November 15, 1866

         a.) African American group wishes to organize militia company

         b.) Refused, “white male citizens” only

   2.) Governor Hoadly’s Annual Message: January 6, 1885

         a.) Concern: Separate schools in areas of Ohio

   3.) Governor Foraker’s Annual Message: January 4, 1886

         a.) Recommends repeal of discriminating laws

         b.) Concern: Separate schools

   4.) Governor Foraker’s Inaugural Address: January 11, 1886

         a.) Theory is all are equal, but this needs to be completely implemented


C.) Gratitude to Congress

1.) House Joint Resolution 102: January 14, 1866

         a.) Relative to suffrage in District of Columbia- Congress thanked for overriding President’s veto on bill, giving the right of franchise to all citizens in District of Columbia

         b.) Resolution left to more discussion


D.) Payment of Slaves

1.) House Joint Resolution 8: January 11, 1868

         a.) Maryland, Georgia, and Kentucky want payment from Federal Government for slaves

         b.) General Assembly enters protest against payment for slaves

         c.) Refused to table resolution


E.) Discrepancy Over Senate Seat

   1.) Senate Reports: January 6, 1868

         a.) Homer C. Jones holds seat, Henry M. Onderdonk claims seat is his

         b.) Illegal votes made by individuals with African American blood

         c.) Report showed both had illegal votes

         d.) Jones kept Senate Seat

         e.) Galia County; one of the counties involved


Prepared by Camille Galecki and Darci Mossbarger

Research History Class, Washington Senior High

September 8, 2005

Sent to Representative Patton

Ohio General Assembly

Purpose: To aid in establishing an Ohio Emancipation Day

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