Student Dress Code


Student Dress Code

Student Dress Code

Dress Code Video

Watch the short video above that illustrates the Washington Middle School Dress Code.

Staff Information Release

The Washington Court House City Schools has announced a revised Dress Code for the Washington Middle School and Washington High School.

As a district it is believed that what a student wears to school can have an effect on behavior and academic success. Therefore, the following school attire policy will be in place for both schools.

1.) All shirts or dresses must have sleeves. No shoulder straps or cut-off sleeves are allowed.
2.) NO SKIN or undergarments may be visible through holes in pants.
3.) With the exception of Physical Education classes, shorts or Capri pants may be worn at mid-thigh or at least 2" below the longest fingertip while standing and wearing the garment at the waist.
4.) Pants must be worn on the hip with no undergarments showing.
5.) Skirt or dress length must be worn at the waist and fingertip length with fingers fully extended while standing at a natural vertical stance. Leggings/jeggings are acceptable if worn under clothing that cover to the thigh.
6.) Sweatshirts with hoods, other “hoodies, bandanas, hats, sweatbands, etc.” may not be worn on the head while at school.
7.) Shirts must be long enough to be tucked so that no midriff shows.
8.) Clothing that displays profanity, sexual innuendos, promotes or advertises alcohol or other mood altering chemicals may not be worn.
9.) No sunglasses may be worn (even on top of the head) at school.
10.) V-neck shirts or low cut shirts need to be worn with an undergarment (cami, tank top, etc.)
11.) No clothing that is used for sleepwear (pajamas, lounge pants, slippers, etc.) may be worn at school.
12.) The administration reserves the right to exclude any other attire that is believed to be a distraction or safety risk.
13.) Special days that deviate from this code such as “hat day” or “spirit week” themes may be approved by the administration.

The administration will utilize consequences ranging from a verbal warning to being sent home for the day for failure to abide by this policy.

A student shall not dress or use jewelry in a fashion deemed inappropriate because it either interferes with the student’s health, welfare, and safety of the health, welfare and safety of others, or causes disruptions and interferes with the educational process. No chains are to be worn which includes wallet chains and chains around the neck, wrist or waist.

Revised May, 2011
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