Historic Asset Preservation


Historic Asset Preservation

Historic Asset Preservation Fund


In 1814, the first dedicated school building was built in Washington Court House, Ohio, with the sole purpose of educating the youth of our community.  Since then, generations have joined the ranks of the Blue Lion Family, each leaving a unique piece of their legacy alive in the halls as they grow from adolescence to adulthood.

With over 200 years in education, Washington Court House City Schools has been blessed with many historic artifacts.  Now, we are asking you to help us preserve that history to continue to enrich the educational experience at WCHCS for generations to come.

The WHS Class of 1958 is spearheading the effort to refurbish our historic statues, gifts originally from classes of the early 1920s, and rededicate them to come alive in our hallways once again.  Join them in preserving these works of art by donating to the WCHCS Historic Asset Preservation Fund today!

Donations can be made online by clicking here.  You also may donate by cash or check, written to Washington Court House City Schools, annotated: “HAP Fund,” and delivered in person or mailed to 306 Highland Avenue, Washington Court House, Ohio 43160.

For more information, please call 740-335-6620, extension 5027.

Help us keep our the history of the Blue Lions alive today and for generations to come!


Very Respectfully.

Trevor W Patton

WCHCS would like to give a "Big Blue Thank You" to our HAP Fund Donors (as of September 17th, 2021):

The Washington High School Class of 1958
The Washington High School Class of 1964

John Rhoad, 1958
Doug Rider, 1958
Janet Ellis Goff, 1958
Earl Palmer, 1958
Wanda Huff Bryan, 1958
Jeri A Milstead, 1954

Lois (Cherryholmes) Rhoad, 1950
Larry Milstead, 1958
Charles Thomas Swaim, 1958
Floyd Southward, 1958
James Newbrey, 1954,
in memory of Joyce Hamilton Newbrey, 1958
James R. Wilson, 1958
Marilyn Seiler, 1969
Terry & Pam Feick

Anne Pletz, 1954
Roger Schwart, 1958
Linda Loudner Powers, 1958
Jerry Speakman, 1954
James McWilliams, 1958
Dolores Evans, 1958
Robert Burris, 1958
Ronald Dowler, 1958
Jo Rhoades-Cokonougher, 1958
Nancy Wood Chaney, 1958
Mary Anne Klein, 1958
Sylvia Yahn Robinette, 1958
Charilyn Reinke Prickett, 1958
Jo Peters Laymon, 1958
Joy Lucas, 1958
Patricia Knedler Leeth, 1958
William & Rebecca Herman, 1958
Linda Hatmacher, 1959
Dr. Hannah Kay Case, 1962
Julia L Speakman, 1962
Paulette "Arthur" Roberts, 1962
Anonymous Donation in memory of Lecky Brubaker Kuesters, 1964
Deborah Clark Dushane, 1970
Kathy Thompson Heustess, 1979
Shannon Lemmings, 1981
Ann (Ducey) Polk, 1954
Harold Shackelford, 1958
Lauran Perrill, 1972
Trevor Patton, 2010
Jim & Merry Hamilton
Juanita Bennett Wolfe

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