Jeremy Vance


Jeremy Vance


 Hello! My name is Jeremy Vance.  I Graduated from Wilmington College.  I teach Algebra I, Geometry, and General Math.  I live in Xenia with my Shetland Sheepdog Nero and my Gordon Setter Danni.

If you ever have an issue that needs brought to my attention, feel free to email me at [email protected] or call the high school main office (740-636-4211) and ask for me there. Thanks!

Class Schedule

 Period Time Class
 1st Period 7:20am-8:08amGeometry
 2nd Period 8:12am-9:00amStudy Hall
 3rd Period 9:04am-9:52amData Analysis
 4th Period 9:56am-10:55amData Analysis
 5th Period 10:49am-12:19pmGeometry 
 Lunch 11:19pm-11:49pm 
 6th Period 12:23pm-1:12pmGeometry 
 7th Period 1:16pm-2:05pmConference
 Office Hours 2:05pm-2:35pm 


All assignments can be found online in our SAVVAS platform.
Students will have a login ID and password given on the first few days of school.  All homework, quizzes, pre-tests, and tests will be accessed from this website.
Data Analysis
All assignments will come from a textbook that will be handed out on the first day.

If you have any questions about assignments, student or parent, feel free to email me at [email protected] or call the High School Office at 740-636-4211, and ask to speak with me.

Guided notes

The link below, you can have access to the guided notes for the entire geometry course.  These are the notes all students will be given for each unit.  This covers everything I instruct in each class for the entire school year.  The link uses my google drive account, so you must sign up for a google  account to access.  Every student enrolled at WSH has a google account already created for them.
(Note: you must download the files <microsoft word> to view them properly)

Video Instruction Link

I have begun to video myself teaching every lesson.  Students and parents can access videos for every lesson I teach at anytime.  Just ask email me and I will send you a link for access.  

Class Introduction


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