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Letter to Faculty and Staff
In light of recent events in Uvalde, Texas, Dr. Bailey shared the following letter with faculty and staff. 

For a PDF version, please click here: Robb Elementary Letter to Faculty and Staff.pdf

Dear Faculty and Staff,   The events that took place yesterday in Uvalde, Texas, were a tragedy.  Our prayers and thoughts are with the families, students, and staff at Robb Elementary School.  We mourn the loss of innocent children and heroic teachers to a senseless act of murder.  Unfortunately, it is all too common in today’s world that this type of tragedy occurs.  Uvalde is eerily similar to Washington Court House in area, size, and population.  We pray that this type of tragedy never strikes another school in the future, but we know that this world is broken and we must do what we can to fix it.  Our students deal with trauma each and every day in their personal lives, however we have the power to positively impact a child’s life.  The relationships we build, the engagement we embed in our instruction, and the empathy we show are not lost on the young people that need us the most.  It is only through these things in schools that we can mitigate even more tragic acts of destruction in our world.  It is natural that our students will ask questions - please let them.  Lean into our counselors, social workers, and each other to have these conversations.  These are broken times and we will either survive and thrive - or perish - together.  Be assured that the safety of our students and staff will remain paramount, however, we also must continue to deal with the brokenness of our students in a very real and authentic way.  We have the power to change young lives, and it is imperative that we do so.  Continue to take care of yourselves and each other, as this role in a child’s life is a heavy responsibility.  Please let me know how I can continue to support you as we work together on this crucial task.   Sincerely,   Tom Bailey, Superintendent