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WCHCS Back-to-School Frequently Asked Questions


Please click here to read the WCHCS 2020-2021 School year plan: WCHCS 2020-2021 School Plan



As we get closer to the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, we understand that some of our families may be more comfortable with their children continuing to learn from home. For those considering online learning for the beginning of this school year, please click here for more information: WCHCS Remote Learning Information Guide


To register your child for Remote Learning this Fall, click here:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSclW7sKkzTG_eGpiiUixaenWzEWhCwYmF1PsnfVKoVzoCwU7g/viewform?fbclid=IwAR3jHXWZ0eIgwOZa3lgAPnyi9f2W3pnAC8MndLQLOD5lqNLBcCkMXwHqd1k



We understand that students, parents/guardians, and our community have many questions regarding the upcoming school year in these unprecedented times.  We appreciate your continued support and patience as we work as a team to ensure that quality education continues in Washington Court House in a safe and healthy manner this school year.  Please take a moment to read through the below answers to questions our team has received over the past weeks.




Are students going to be required to wear masks?  Or is it up to each classroom teacher to decide?

 By order of Governor DeWine on Tuesday, August 4th, masks will be required for all students across the state of Ohio, including those attending Washington Court House City Schools this Fall.




When will the parents and kids and teachers meet? When will we know when we will/can meet?

All buildings will be completing re-entry meetings prior to August 24 with families and teachers.  After that, conferences can be set up on an “as needed” basis.  Those will be setup individually with teachers once schedules are finalized.  As always, contact your child’s specific school to set up any type of meeting with a staff member.




How will screenings be conducted?

Temperatures of students and staff will be conducted daily. Students who do not feel well prior to school are being told to stay home and do not attempt to attend school that day. If a student or staff member becomes ill during the day, they will see the school nurse and sent home immediately if deemed appropriate by the nurse. In addition, the nurse may require students to be COVID19 tested prior to returning to school.


Are you screening solely on temperatures? What if a child is coughing but has no fever?

The nurse that we hire through the Fayette County Health Department will make all health determinations as to what happens when a child has a symptom.


What symptoms will result in a student being sent home from school and how/when will said student be permitted to return to on campus classes?

All students who are ill are sent to the clinic where they will be evaluated by a licensed nurse. Students who have any symptoms that could potentially be related to COVID19 will be quarantined in an area that is not part of the general clinic. Parents/guardians will be required to pick ill students up immediately. Instructions from the Fayette County Health Department will be given to any student sent home for symptoms about how to proceed and return to school.




If a student/staff member receives a positive COVID test, what are the next steps for quarantining? Who all might have to quarantine?

This will be ultimately determined by the Fayette County Health Department and we do know that not any two situations will be alike.  Because of this we cannot give a “one size fits all” answer.


How will attendance be handled if a student is forced to quarantine?

Students will be counted as attending if they log on and complete all the necessary work that is assigned to full time Remote Learners.


If a student tests positive do they have the option to immediately opt-in to online learning?

Yes, online learning will be available for students who must quarantine at home due to COVID19.


How will each building handle non-compliance of COVID guidelines by students/staff?

Much like any other infraction, school personnel have the authority to apply consequences to students who do not comply with school rules.




What grade levels is online learning available for?

Remote Learning is available for all K-12 students; however, learning may look different depending on the grade level of each student.  Remote learning may utilize a combination of both digital and paper/pencil activities.  Each student will have an assigned teacher for each class the student is enrolled in.


If my child is enrolled in online learning, can they participate in sports that season?



If my child is enrolled in online learning, can the participate in band and choir?



Once I enroll my student in online learning, when can they switch back to in-person?

Once families decide to enroll their student(s) in Remote Learning, they will learn online for the remainder of that quarter (nine weeks).  There is not a “trial period,” so parents/guardians need to be sure that remote learning is what they desire.


What if I've already enrolled them and once answers become a little clearer in the weeks ahead, before school even starts and I decide against remote learning- can I opt out and switch them to in class?

Parents/guardians who have already enrolled their student in Remote Learning for the Fall that would, upon further discussion, decided to reenroll their student for in-person learning option prior to the student start date on August 24th should contact Lisa Robinson at 740-335-6620. Once school starts on August 24, students are to remain in Remote Learning until the start of 2nd quarter at minimum.


We’ve missed the registration deadline, but after more consideration/attending the required parent meeting, we have decided to opt for online learning.  Can we still sign up for Remote Learning?

Yes.  The registration deadline was set to give our team the best picture of what our online numbers would look like so we could plan accordingly.  If families decide after the deadline that they want to switch to online learning, they will have the option to do that.


After one quarter of online learning, if a student wants to come back will there be a “seat” for them to return?

Absolutely - All Blue Lions are welcome to come back in person when they are ready at the beginning of a grading period (quarter).  During the last two weeks of the quarter, parents/guardians will have the opportunity to sign up for another quarter of remote learning OR will be able to opt back into physically being present in school at that time.


Will students/parents enrolled in Remote Learning be able to meet with teachers/principals?

Yes, students and/or parents who wish to meet with teachers or principals may request a meeting via email or phone call.  These meetings can be held in person, on the phone, or via an online platform (such as Zoom or Google Meets).


It says some assignments may have to be on pencil and paper.  Does that mean teachers could require their students to come in and take tests or quizzes for classes?

If a student is registered in our online learning, regular assessments will be done online. The only time in-person testing may be required would be in the event of State Assessments or Map testing. Those situations will be communicated clearly and parents will be given advanced notice.




Will the school provide a device for my child to use for online learning?

WHS and WMS students will have a device assigned to them at the beginning of the year which will be arranged for pickup.  If a student from Belle Aire or Cherry Hill needs a device in order to work from home, please contact your building principals for more information.  This will be handled on specific terms and circumstances as outlined by the principal.


How do you monitor the child's usage of the school Chromebook? Are their reports available to the parents?

Our Learning Management System (LMS) that Washington Court House City Schools adopted is Canvas. This tool will be the landing page for our students and parents to monitor all work assigned and completed throughout the Remote Learning Process.  School Chromebooks are not monitored in real time, however the safety protocols that are installed on Chromebooks will not allow students to visit certain websites.




Will students be required to log on and follow along to live classes, or will they be learning from pre-recorded lessons at their own pace?

The majority of the classes will be synchronous, meaning students will need to logged in at the designated time to attend the live class virtually.  Some classes and lessons will be able to be completed asynchronously, or at their own pace.  Specifics will vary depending on the individual student’s building and classes in which they are enrolled.


What is synchronous learning?

Synchronous Learning is real time learning from home on a device.  For example, when a class is taking place at 10 AM, the student must be logged in and participating in the lesson at 10 AM from home.  These lessons will be LIVE and at-home students will have the same resources available that the in-class students have.


What is asynchronous learning?

Asynchronous Learning is learning that takes place at the student’s own pace. Curriculum will be provided but students will determine the best time of day to complete the work.


Which buildings will be offering synchronous learning and which will make asynchronous an option?

The determination for synchronous/asynchronous learning will be dependent to the building, grade level, and individual class that a student is enrolled in. This decision will be made by the building and its teachers based on the best interest of the student(s) and the lesson at hand.




How will attendance work with online learning?

Attendance will be documented through completion of activities and attendance in synchronous classrooms. Unlike the Emergency Remote Learning in the Spring, students will have more requirements to learn along with the entire class while the class is being instructed.  Specific attendance requirements will be communicated by the building/classes that your student is enrolled in.




If you still have questions, please reach out to your building principals and they will be more than happy to assist.  Please understand that this is a living document, so be sure to check back often for more information as it becomes available!

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