Brandi Renick


Brandi Renick

March 25th Parent Teacher Conferences (CLICK HERE to Make an Appointment)

Class Schedule

 Period  TimeClass
 1st Period  7:20 am-8:08 am Business Math
 2nd Period  8:12 am-9:00 am Geometry
 3rd Period  9:04 am-9:52 am CP Algebra II
 4th Period  9:56 am-10:45 am Business Math
 5th Period  10:49 am-12:19 pm Conference Period
 6th Period  12:23 pm-1:12 pm CP Algebra II 
 7th Period  1:16 pm-2:05 pm Geomtery
 Office Hours  2:05 pm-2:35 pm

Supply Lists

All of my classes (Business Math, CP Algebra II, and Geometry) will need...
  • 3-Ring Binder (1-1/2 Inch in Highly Recommended)
  • Loose Leaf Paper
  • Writing Utensils (Pencils are always best for math)
  • Charged School Computer*


*A charged school computer is essential.  Computers may not be used everyday, but they will frequently be used during class to complete assignments and assessments.   

4-Ways to Help 

Your Child Succeed in Math

  1. Regularly check they are completing their assignments and submitting them on time.  

    • Most students that struggle in math need the extra practice outside of the classroom.

  1. Encourage them to check and share with you their progress at least every couple weeks.

    • This can be done by visiting Progress Book or by contacting me using email or remind. 

    • Ask them when their next test or quiz is going to be.   

  1. If they are struggling with the content, encourage them to contact me asap and/or access outside resources.

    • Resources:  Family members, friends / classmates, the Internet (My class website, YouTube, Khan Academy, Google Search, etc.), and their online textbook examples (if applicable to their course)

  1. Remind them to retrieve and complete all make-up / missing work asap so that they do not fall behind

    • All make-up / missing work can be retrieved from the class website or from the absent bin the following school day.

Hello! :) :)

My name is Brandi Renick. I am originally from Medina, Ohio. I went to Bowling Green State University, receiving my bachelor's degree in AYA Math Education. Later I earned a masters degree from Wright State University. 
I am now starting my 13th year of teaching and living in Washington Court House, and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  
I teach GeometryCP Algebra II, and Business Math.  
The best part of being a math teacher is watching my students progress and succeed on a daily basis. I do my best to help students understand the importance and real-life relevance of mathematics. 
I am also a co-advisor for prom.  I help provide students with leadership opportunities specifically related to planning and organizing for prom.

Contact Information

If you ever have an issue that needs brought to my attention, please do not hesitate to contact me using one of the following means of contact...
Phone: 740-636-4221 Ext 4212
  • Business Math --> @renickbus
  • CP Algebra II --> @renickalg2
  • Geomtery --> @renickgeo

*If you need help joining the Remind for your course, then please use another means of contact to get my assistance.  

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