Completing the FAFSA for divorced and blended families- Helpful video to help those students completing the FAFSA that have divorced parents and reside in blended families.

Application Form Tracking Worksheet- Track due dates and submissions of college applications and financial aid.

Cost Comparison Worksheet- A worksheet to compare the cost of multiple colleges.

Financial Aid Application Checklist- A checklist to help you navigate your college financial aid planning.

Financial Planning for a College Education-Resources for the student planning to attend college.

45 Must Have Resources for Low Income Students-Resources to help with college financial planning.

Family Resources for College Planning-Multiple resources and checklists for college planning from the CommonApp
CollegeSTEPS-A resource from Wells Fargo to help with financial planning for college
Tuition Fit- A resource for financial planning for college tuition.
Planning to Pay for College Resource- Multiple resources for planning your options to pay for college.
College Covered by Discover-Various tools for preparing for the whole college experience
Financial Aid /FAFSA Presentation- Powerpoint with helpful information about financial aid and completing the FAFSA.
ZipRecruiter- Need help with a job or summer employment.  ZipRecruiter can help.
This timeline is specifically for seniors who are planning on going to college.

Important information for the student who is planning to attend college.

Use this worksheet to compare and contrast up to three different colleges.
Best Trade Schools Search -Find a trade school that matches your interest area.
View university profiles and admissions office contacts.
View profiles and admissions office contacts. Once you arrive at the website, scroll down and click on "A Guide to Ohio's Two-Year Colleges"
View profiles and admissions office contacts.
Utilize this College Board website to find colleges, explore careers, and learn about financial aid options.

Utilize this search engine to select criteria that YOU want out of a college. Once you have selected from a long list of criteria, the search engine will generate a list of colleges that meet all of the items that you checked! This resource is highly recommended by the counselors!
This website has TONS of HELPFUL information regarding the FAFSA and federal student aid information.
5 steps to help you estimate your college costs and options available to pay for them. 
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