August 2020 Levy


August 2020 Levy

Frequently Asked Questions

Levy FAQ’s - Vote on August 4th, 2020
Washington Court House City Schools

To request and absentee ballot, call: 

Early voting is open now at the Fayette County Board of Elections!  You may vote in person at 135 S Main Street, WCH, OH 43160 on the following days and times:(740) 335-1190

• 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, from July 27, 2020 through July 31, 2020
• 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Saturday, August 1, 2020
• 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Sunday, August 2, 2020
Election Week
• 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday, August 3, 2020 
Election Day



Local Revenue Per Pupil

WCHCS: $2,016.03

Miami Trace: $5,892.05

Similar Districts: $4,096.37

State Average: $6,117.18

FAC Av (w/o WCH): $3,931.31 (WCH is in last)


FAC Total Expenditure and Other Financing Uses

Chillicothe: $33,099,530

Miami Trace: $29,850,362

Greenfield: $27,866,900

Hillsboro: $27,362,311

Jackson: $24,033,043

WCHCS: $21,548,995

FAC Av (w/o WCH): $28,442,429) (WCH is in last)


Average Admin Salary

WCHCS: $65,633.52

Miami Trace: $92,061.00

Similar Districts: $83,324.26

State Average: $83,223.47

FAC Av (w/o WCH): $79,586.97 (WCH is in last)


 What type of levy?

= A 1% Earned Income Tax levy for seven years, beginning January 1st, 2021


Why do we need this levy?

For our Kids.

= Updated curriculum

= Recruitment and retention of instructional teachers

= Resources required for our kids to succeed and compete academically.


How will the money be used?

For our Kids.

= Text book implementation

= Curriculum adoption

= Technology resources required for testing and for academic success including virtual learning resources

= Recruitment and retention of instructional staff

= Diverse learner resources such as speech therapy, OT, PT, audiology, as well as gifted instruction


This levy will NOT pay for new construction, such as a new football field, turf, or an auditorium.


  Who is taxed?  Only residents of WCHCS district who earn  wages, salaries, and tips

  Income that is NOT taxed: Retirement income, pensions, property, Social Security, unemployment,

  disability and survivor benefits, welfare benefits, child support, interests, dividends, capital gains


Is there a maximum S.S. income set that if surpassed, a person must pay into the E.I.T?

= No cap on passive income

How much will this levy cost?

       = The average person in WCH will pay $1.08 a day.


Why now during these unstable times?

= No new local operating funds for 29 years. Most schools in Ohio are on the ballot every three years.

= We are dependent on state funding about 70%. Most schools in Ohio are under 50% state funded.

= We need to secure a source of local funding now to ensure that we can continue to provide educational opportunities for the kids of our community


IF Governor DeWine makes more funding cuts to education, what will you do?

= Evaluate and assess expenditures that are not mandated by law to provide.

= Much deeper cuts will be made above and beyond the 30 jobs impacted or services changed during our efforts to reduce expenditures.


 What has WCHCS done to reduce expenditures?

= Reduction of approximately 30 district jobs, including administrator & Central Office positions, teachers, all library positions, aids, coaches, cafeteria workers, maintenance & custodial positions

= Decreases in technology, making it more challenging to educate students on state-required devices

= Aggressive vendor contract review to simplify and streamline many services

= Delayed Capital Budget improvements and building maintenance


What are the teachers doing during this pandemic to educate children?

= Education still happened in Washington Court House via Emergency Remote Learning

- Customized plans to teach students based on individual’s access to technology

- Multiple video lessons filmed daily with assignments assigned regarding subject covered

- Live video instruction multiple times a week or even daily to teach and answer student questions

- Daily wellness checks, providing social and emotional support to students, parents, and guardians

- Evaluated and provided feedback on student work and progress


Why do you have the position of Communications and Marketing Director?

= Research

Multiple town hall surveys showed the community wanted to know more about our work, as well as for the district to promote efforts and successes of the Blue Lions. The responses indicated that our community highly valued increased communication and interaction with the community

= Financial Constraints

With that information, in order to remain fiscally responsible, the district hired the communications and marketing director position, but due to financial constraints, the district has not refilled the vacant assistant superintendent position, with many of those duties covered by this position


Why do you have the position of Assistant Treasurer?

= Valuable role which has served essential functions for the district for the past 46 years

= Unlike most local districts, WCHCS does not have a Business Manager, HR Director, or Assistant Superintendent to do many vital roles to operate a school district, such as:

            - Handle all Human Resource needs of the entire district including medical benefits, contracts, FMLA, workers compensation, and unemployment

            - Handle all bidding, procurement, purchasing and contracts with vendors

= Additionally, MVECA is contracted to provide the Assistant Treasurer, which includes many additional resources, such as training, education, vendors, and other assets for the district


How much money will this levy generate?

= Approximately $1.8 million annually


 Click here for information on House Bill 920 and school funding in Ohiowhich highlight's the necessity for districts to return to the voters for operating revenue.




 For more information, please call 740-335-6620, or email

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